Table 3.

HCQ use prior to index date/HF diagnosis in patients with RA by HF status.

HF, n = 71Non-HF, n = 69P
Cumulative duration of HCQ use, yrs, median (IQR)2.8 (0.6–10)2.5 (0.7–8.2)
Years from first ever HCQ start to index date, median (IQR)9.9 (5.4–16.9)8.2 (3.8–15.0)0.26
HCQ cumulative dose, g, median (IQR)371 (71–1159)302 (89–1043)0.98
Patients with HCQ cumulative dose ≥ 300 g, n (%)39 (55)37 (54)0.88
  • HCQ: hydroxychloroquine; HF: heart failure; RA: rheumatoid arthritis.