Table 2.

Linear regression analyses of the non-HLA genetic risk scores (GRS).

Genetic Risk Counting ScoresGenetic Risk Weighted Scores
Final model P value*0.1030.0080.0110.002
Adjusted r20.1750.1780.1750.176
  • *Final statistical model of the genetic risk weighted scores includes sex and White vs non-White ancestry as covariates; final model of the genetic risk counting scores includes sex and all 4 ancestral populations as covariates. Values in bold are statistically significant.

  • aSlope represents the rate of change in y (age of diagnosis) as x (non-HLA GRS) changes. GRCS: genetic risk counting score; GRSCS: genetic risk standardized counting score; GRWS: genetic risk weighted score; GRSWS: genetic risk standardized weighted score.