Table 1

Diagnoses included in survey and relation to HLA-B27.

DiagnosisFrequency of Diagnosis Among Respondents With Known HLA-B27 Status, %Frequency of HLA-B27 Positivity for Given Diagnosis, %
Acute anterior uveitis21.687.4
Ankylosing spondylitis86.079.3
Arthritis with IBD5.568.8
Crohn disease4.670.2
Juvenile AS1.485.3
Nonradiographic axial SpA6.865.8
Peripheral SpA6.567.2
Psoriatic arthritis7.559.4
Reactive arthritis3.782.7
Ulcerative colitis4.565.6
Undifferentiated SpA8.055.7
  • Note that a subject could have > 1 diagnosis, such as acute anterior uveitis and AS. AS: ankylosing spondylitis; IBD: inflammatory bowel disease; SpA: spondyloarthritis.