Table 1.

Baseline clinical and biological characteristics of patients with worsening MC vasculitis after RTX.

PatientSexAge, yrsEtiologyHCV CuredSymptomsCryo before/after RTX, g/lCreatinemia before/after RTX, ยตmol/lGammaglobulin Level before RTX, g/lC4 before/after RTX, g/lAlbumin, g/l
1M49HCV, lymphoproliferationYesFever, renal, cutaneous, GI tract0.09/0.52117/4555.2< 0.06/< 0.0130.4
2F78HCV, SLE, MZLNoRenal, CNS1.62/ND76/2004.70.02/ND27
YesRenal, cutaneous, neuropathy0.38/0.5769/2002.30.01/0.0143
3M78HCV, MZLNoRenal, cutaneous, neuropathy2.2/0.5125/4502.9ND/< 0.0135
4M34HCVYesRenal, cutaneous, neuropathyND/1.5138/250NDND/0.06ND
5M59HCV0Renal, cutaneous, neuropathy, GI tract2.56/ND58/ND13.80.02/ND39
6F75HCV, lympho-proliferation0Renal, cutaneous, neuropathy, GI tract0.9/1.18375/4302.90.01/0.0232
7M83EssentialNACutaneous, neuropathy1.2/ND66/1722.3< 0.05/NDND
  • Note: Patient 2 had 2 disease flares. MC: mixed cryoglobulinemia; RTX: rituximab; HCV: hepatitis C virus; SLE: systemic lupus erythematosus; MZL: marginal zone lymphoma; CNS: central nervous system; GI: gastrointestinal; Cryo: cryoglobulin; ND: not determined, NA: not applicable.