Table 1.

Demographics and clinical characteristics of patients with JIA and OCD.

PatientSexAge at JIA Diagnosis, yrsTime from JIA to OCD Diagnosis, yrsILAR ClassificationDMARDKnee Affected by JIANo. Injections in Knee Affected by JIAOCD Lesion
2F1.010.5PolyarthritisMTX, LEF, HCQ, ADAL and R12R
4F7.43.1PsoriaticMTXL and R31L
5F1.28.4PolyarthritisMTX, ETN, ADA, IFX, ABA, TCZ, LEF, PredL and R35R
6*F10.5−0.1OligoarthritisL and R11R
7F3.17.5OligoarthritisMTX, LEF, ADA, TCZL and R01R
8F3.011.6SystemicMTX, LEF, ANA, TCZ, PredL and R42L
9F7.91.9Oligoarthritis extendedMTXL and R32L
  • * OCD lesion present at the time of JIA diagnosis. JIA: juvenile idiopathic arthritis; OCD: osteochondritis dissecans; ILAR: International League of Associations for Rheumatology; DMARD: disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs; MTX: methotrexate; LEF: leflunomide; HCQ: hydroxychloroquine; ADA: adalimumab; IFX: infliximab; ABA: abatacept; TCZ: tocilizumab; ETN: etanercept; Pred: prednisone; ANA: anakinra.