Type of EventGeneral Population, n = 1869RA Population, n = 326
Prevalent, n = 123Incident, n = 257Prevalent, n = 48Incident, n = 95
Myocardial infarction33334257
Cerebrovascular accident17171720
Transient ischemic attack561716
Peripheral arterial disease202587
Angina pectoris282017N.A.
  • Data are in percentages. RA: rheumatoid arthritis; N.A.: not assessed; angina pectoris: chest pain preceding coronary artery bypass graft or percutaneous coronary intervention with stent placement, chest pain with significant ST segment deviation on electrocardiogram, chest pain preceding diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome, chest pain preceding coronary angiography with > 50% stenosis, chest pain preceding positive exercise test. Possibility of more than 1 event previous to baseline.