Table 3.

Future research agenda to promote core instrument set selection for hand OA.

Definition of standardized phrasing for VAS and NRS pain and PtGA
Assessment of test-retest reliability of VAS and NRS pain and PtGA
Investigation of construct validity for NRS pain and PtGA, and discriminative capacity in clinical trials for NRS PtGA
Investigation of validity of combinations of instruments to assess joint activity, including, e.g., tender joints, self-reported painful joints, swollen joints, pain while gripping, and inflammatory signs on imaging
Assessment of reliability of soft tissue joint swelling in hand OA
Investigation of psychometric properties of grip and pinch strength to measure core domain hand strength
Review of available instruments to assess health-related quality of life in hand OA, and development of a disease-specific instrument
Investigation of the metric properties of ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging
Investigation of the value of computed tomography
  • OA: osteoarthritis; VAS: visual analog scale; NRS: numerical rating scale; PtGA: patient’s global assessment.