Table 2.

Delphi survey respondent characteristics. Values are n unless otherwise specified.

Respondent CharacteristicsRound 1, n = 190, Response Rate 85%Round 2, n = 201, Response Rate 84%Round 3, n = 182, Response Rate 77%
Patient/parent categories
  Leader JIA association131211
Other stakeholder categories*
    Pediatric rheumatologist, subset of HCP847371
    > 10 yrs’ experience76%74%73%
  JIA researcher474139
  Clinical trials experience504842
Patient/sample characteristics
  Patient age, yrs, mean353137
  Patient age at diagnosis, yrs, mean666
  Polyarticular (child)55%46%47%
  Oligoarticular (child)18%22%22%
  Systemic arthritis (child)13%16%12%
  Enthesitis-related arthritis (child)9%8%12%
  Psoriatic arthritis (child)4%8%8%
  • * Categories are nonexclusive. HCP: healthcare provider; JIA: juvenile idiopathic arthritis; FDA: US Food and Drug Administration; EMA: European Medicines Agency.