Table 3.

Domain definitions used for Delphi Survey voting reference.

DomainExample Items that May Be Included in this Domain
Activity limitationEffect on physical function/physical disability, effect on activities of daily life
Coping with illnessCoping with medication administration, effect on family, adherence to therapy
Eye inflammationUveitis, iritis, related vision loss
FatigueTiredness, lack of energy, lack of vitality
Growth and maturationHeight, weight, Tanner stage (puberty), fertility
Health care useCosts of care, frequency of medical visits
Imaging signs of inflammationMRI, ultrasound, radiographs
Effect on emotional function, mood or cognitionDepressive symptoms, anxiety, need for psychologic/psychiatric support, cognition, ability to think
Effect on social relationshipsEffect on relationships with friends, family, etc.
Inflammatory signs outside of joints and eyesFever, systemic rash, psoriasis, enthesitis, back pain, etc.
Joint damagePermanent deformity, fixed contracture, erosions, etc.
Joint inflammatory signsRedness, swelling, warmth, tenderness, “active joint,” limitation in joint ROM
Laboratory signs of inflammationAcute-phase reactants (ESR, CRP, etc.)
PainPain intensity, effect of pain, usage of (nonspecific) pain killers (yes/no)
Patient’s perception of disease activityOverall well-being: “considering all the way your JIA affects you, how would you rate your overall well-being?”, patient’s global assessment, health-related quality of life
Participation restrictionEffect on school/work, days absent from school, effect on social event attendance and leisure activities
Personal factorsSelf-esteem, locus of control, motivation
Physical activityExercise, sedentary behavior
Physician’s perception of disease activityPGA, PGA for inflammation, PGA for damage, PGA for disease effect, PGA for severity
Side effectsMedication adverse effects
SleepQuality of sleep
StiffnessMorning stiffness, gelling, joint stiffness
  • MRI: magnetic resonance imaging; ROM: range of motion; ESR: erythrocyte sedimentation rate; CRP: C-reactive protein; JIA: juvenile idiopathic arthritis; PGA: physician’s global assessment.