Table 1.

What has changed in the revised OMERACT Filter 2.1 framework?

  1. Better visibility and explanation of the purpose of the framework: to select domains for a core set used to measure effects of an intervention. The aim is to describe the full universe of “measurable aspects of health conditions” to select domains that assess the effects of an intervention.

  2. Benefit and harm are made explicit. Framework areas are “neutral” toward benefit and harm, so they can include domains for benefit, harm, or domains that measure both.

  3. Core areas are now simply areas.

  4. “Pathophysiological manifestations” is renamed “pathophysiology” for the concept, and “manifestations/abnormalities” for the area. The area and potential domains are better explained, including guidelines on what to do in case of heterogeneous or nonspecific health conditions.

  5. “Death” is renamed “death/lifespan” to better encompass survival as well as mortality.

  6. Reading order of areas from left to right now follows the path of manifestation to life impact and death/lifespan.

  7. Better explanation of the areas of life impact and death/lifespan, and the concept of contextual factors.

  • OMERACT: Outcome Measures in Rheumatology.