Table 1.

Online discussion board participants and main features when JIA is inactive by country.

CountriesTeen, 15–18 YrsYoung Adults, 19–24 YrsParents, Younger ChildrenParents, Older Children
United States11131010
Patient-reported Main Features when JIA is Inactive across Countries
No, or less pain (manageable)No painNo pain (less or tolerable pain)
No, or less swellingNo swellingNo swelling
Normal physical activityNo activity restrictionsCan participate in activities
Positive mood (less irritability/anger, depression/sadness)Mood, no anxietyBetter mood (happier, less stress)
No, or less stiffnessNo stiffnessLack of stiffness
Better mobility (walk, run, exercise)No functional limitationsMobility (move, walk, run, exercise)
More energy/less fatigueVitalityBetter energy/less fatigue
No sleeplessnessBetter sleep
No red-hot joints (inflammation)Minimal inflammation
  • JIA: juvenile idiopathic arthritis.