Corrected Table 2.

Prevalence of generalized osteoarthritis (OA) in a hand OA population (n = 538) in secondary care.

Generalized OA
Knee and/or hip OA, no. patients (%)227(43)
Knee OA
Fulfilling ACR criteria, 1 knee89(17)
Fulfilling ACR criteria, both knees83(16)
Prosthesis, 1 or both knees^25(5)
Hip OA
Fulfilling ACR criteria, 1 hip24(5)
Fulfilling ACR criteria, both hips12(2)
Prosthesis, 1 or both hips^22(4)
  • ^ Nine patients and 1 patient, respectively, had a prosthesis in 1 knee or hip and fulfilled ACR criteria on the other side; these patients are in the prosthesis groups. ACR: American College of Rheumatology.