Table 1.

Characteristics of the patients.

DemographicsN = 118
  Age, yrs, mean (SD)48.9 (11.2)
  Sex (male), n (%)75 (64)
  Current smoking, n (%)18 (15)
  BMI, kg/m2, mean (SD)25.6 (3.4)
  Height, cm, mean (SD)174 (10)
  Loss of height, cm, median (IQR)1 (0–3)
Disease characteristics
  BASDAI, mean (SD)3.7 (1.8)
  ASDAS, mean (SD)2.3 (0.9)
  CRP, mg/l, median (IQR)3 (1–9)
Medication, current use
  NSAID, n (%)77 (65)
  TNF-α inhibitors, n (%)24 (20)
  Statins, n (%)15 (13)
  Antihypertensives, n (%)28 (24)
  TC, mmol/l, mean (SD)5.4 (1.1)
  HDL-C, mmol/l, mean (SD)1.6 (0.5)
Cardiorespiratory fitness
  VO2peak, ml/kg/min, mean (SD)39.3 (8.0)
  Maximum heart rate (bpm), mean (SD)172 (19)
  Borgs scale ≥ 17 at end of exercise test, n (%)115 (98)
  Brachial SBP, mmHg, mean (SD)127 (17)
  Brachial DBP, mmHg, mean (SD)78 (10)
  CMAP, mmHg, mean (SD)95 (12)
  AIx (%), mean (SD)14.8 (13.1)
  PWV, m/s, median (IQR)7.3 (6.2–8.4)
  Ln(PWV + 0.5), mean (SD)1.986 (0.199)
  • AIx: augmentation index; ASDAS: Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Score; BMI: body mass index; CMAP: central mean arterial pressure; CRP: C-reactive protein; DBP: diastolic blood pressure; HDL-C: high-density lipoprotein cholesterol; IQR: interquartile range; NSAID: nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs; PWV: pulse wave velocity; Ln: log-transformed; SBP: systolic blood pressure; TC: total cholesterol; TNF-α: tumor necrosis factor–α; VO2peak: peak oxygen uptake; BASDAI: Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index.