Table 6.

Comorbidities in SLE.

Questionnaire ItemsMode (% responders)Commonly Repeated Strategies (% responders)
CV risk, n = 155 responders
  Tests used to screen SLE patients for traditional CV risk factorsBlood pressure (94)50–100% responders: Weight (74), family history of CVD (68), fasting lipids (58). 11–50% responders: HbA1c/fasting glucose (48), BMI (43). < 10% responders: Framingham or other CV risk score (9)
  Reason for not routinely screening SLE patients for CV risk factorsResponsibility lies with primary care (46)Too busy managing immediate SLE concerns (34), other (34), not familiar with management of these factors (10)
  Most common cause of death (if any) in your SLE practiceCVD (30)Infection (25), other (20), SLE-related disease (17), other comorbidities (9)
Vaccinations, n = 147 responders
  Routinely review and recommend vaccinations for SLE patients in the following situations?
    Prior to starting immunosuppressive therapyYes (54)Sometimes (32), no (10), other (4)
    On a regular basisYes (56)Sometimes (34), no (10), other (1)
  Withhold SLE therapy postvaccination for a period of timeNo (56)Sometimes (37), other (4), yes (3)
Osteoporosis risk, n = 147
  In SLE patients taking steroid at any dose for a prolonged period, do you use any of the following?
    CalciumYes (94)Sometimes (5), no (1)
    Vitamin DYes (98)Sometimes (2), no (0)
    BisphosphonatesYes (50)Sometimes (44), no (6)
  • SLE: systemic lupus erythematosus; CV: cardiovascular; CVD: CV disease; BMI: body mass index.