Table 1.

Standardized score for image evaluation.

ScoreFat MetaplasiaJoint SpaceSclerosisOsteophytes
0NormalNormalCortical bone depth ≤ 5 mmNone
1Focal (max 1 cm)Irregular/possibly erosive*Cortical bone depth 5–10 mm≤ 5 mm
2Patchy (1–2.5 cm)Definitely erosive**Cortical bone depth > 10 mm> 5 mm
4Extensive (subtotal, e.g., excluding interforaminal region of sacrum)
5Extensive (total)
  • * Irregular joint surface with preserved continuity of hypointense cortical bone.

  • ** Discontinuity of hypointense cortical bone. For image examples, refer to Figure 1, and Supplementary Figures, available with the online version of this article.