Table 1.

Demographic and clinical backgrounds of the patients with RA, and the HD.

PatientAge, yrsSexSE DosageDAS28-CRPAnti-CCP Ab, U/mlMedicationCytokine Assay
  165M12.231770PSL 3 mg, ABA, 750 mg/mAvailable
  255M21.83218No medicationAvailable
  375M13.92246PSL 8 mgAvailable
  444F01.7627No medicationAvailable
  554F01.1547MTX 10 mg/wkAvailable
  648F04.160No medicationAvailable
  731F11.18399MTX 10 mg/wkAvailable
  873F13.37327MTX 4 mg/wk, PSL 5 mgAvailable
  974F14.20500No medicationAvailable
  1052M15.2118No medicationAvailable
  1146F04.18154PSL 16 mg, IVCYCAvailable
  1242F23.8411MTX 8 mg/wk, PSL 5 mgAvailable
  1377F24.7679PSL 10 mgAvailable
  1473F14.058MTX 12 mg/wk, PSL 4.5 mgAvailable
  1558M03.35403PSL 6 mgAvailable
  1666M13.41500MTX 10 mg/wk, TCZAvailable
  1753F02.603PSL 3 mg, ABAAvailable
  1856F03.211PSL 5 mgAvailable
  1964F12.7215PSL 1.5 mg, Tofa 10 mgNo
  2075F25.440PSL 5 mg, Tofa 5 mgNo
  2153F26.2220MTX 6 mg/wk, PSL 5 mg, Tofa 10 mgNo
  2262F14.2816MTX 6 mg/wk, Tofa 10 mgNo
  • RA: rheumatoid arthritis; HD: healthy donors; SE: shared epitope; MTX: methotrexate; PSL: prednisolone; ABA: abatacept; TCZ: tocilizumab; IVCYC: intravenous cyclophosphamide pulse therapy; Tofa: tofacitinib; DAS28-CRP: 28-joint count Disease Activity Score using C-reactive protein; anti-CCP: anticyclic citrullinated peptide; Ab: antibody.