Table 3.

Comparisons of sacral and sacroiliac ADC values comparing different groups at matched sites. P values from paired t tests (Group 1 pre- vs posttreatment) or t tests (any other comparison) are displayed. Duplicate measurements per side were averaged prior to the tests. Corrected values indicate sacroiliac sides subtracted from sacral and averaged. For example, on the left side, Group 1 pretreatment scores were significantly different compared with Group 1 posttreatment scores (p = 0.0028), whereas comparing with Group 2 scores at this site was marginally significant (p = 0.05).

Group 1 PosttreatmentGroup 2Group 3
Group 1 pretreatment0.00280.00740.0790.00170.890.230.480.390.00110.00840.00890.00021
Group 1 posttreatment0.0500.00120.851.7 × 10−50.0250.260.0800.0040
Group 20.000159.0 × 10−50.0852.0 × 10−9
  • ADC: apparent diffusion coefficient.