Table 3.

Time course of gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms related to diagnosis, as well as immunosuppressive therapy before and after GI symptoms. A negative value indicates onset before diagnosis of MPA or GPA. Date of diagnosis was defined by start of immunosuppressive therapy (mostly corticosteroids).

Patient No.First GPA or MPA Symptoms, Days from DiagnosisFirst GI Symptoms, Days from DiagnosisApproximate Duration of GI Symptoms, Days*Dose Pred/other Therapy at Onset of GI SymptomsAdditional Immune Therapy after GI Symptoms
1−49+817930 mg/CYC oralCYC IV, PE
2−105+143160 mg/MP IV, CYC IV, PE
3−200 (diagnosis of relapse)+592420 mg/CYC IV
4−201−1290 mg/noneMP IV, Pred, CYC IV
5−59−52570 mg/noneMP IV, Pred, CYC IV, PE
6−49+7140 mg/CYC IV, PE
7−480430 mg/MP IV, CYC oralPE
8−8−2380 mg/nonePred, CYC oral
9−56+261520 mg/MP IV, CYC IVRTX
10−8−8140 mg/noneMP IV, Pred, CYC IV, RTX, PE
11−249+71420 mg/CYC IV, PE, RTX
12−17+31020 mg/MP IVPred, CYC IV, RTX, PE
13−32−2530 mg/noneMP IV, RTX, PE
14−10 (diagnosis of relapse)+191240 mg/RTX
  • * Duration of GI symptoms is approximated because some, but far from all, patients were operated on. CYC: cyclophosphamide; Pred: prednisolone; MP: methylprednisolone pulse; IV: intravenous; RTX: rituximab; PE: plasma exchange; GPA: granulomatosis with polyangiitis; MPA: microscopic polyangiitis.