Table 3.

Comparisons of therapeutic protocols and outcomes. Values are % unless otherwise specified.

Followup duration, median
  (IQR), mos30.5 (10.6–66.5)29 (10–52)29.5 (12–66)21.5 (8.3–32.25)
Induction treatment
  Methylprednisolone pulse1320.415.735a
  Prednisone + IVC13.627.129.7a46.9a,b,c
  Prednisone + MMF40.732.231.320.4
  Prednisone + CNI16.920.315.610.2
  Prednisone + MMF + CNI5.
Maintenance treatment
  Prednisone + MMF45.2343425.8
  Prednisone + CNI1921.31712.9
  Prednisone + AZA4.
  Prednisone + MMF + CNI010.6a6.416.1a
Treatment response
  Complete remission72.554.556.734.8a,b,c
  Partial remission19.630.938.3a41.3a
  Treatment failure7.814.55.023.9c
Longterm prognosis
  Doubling of SCr8.513.611.128.6a,c
  • a p < 0.05 compared with NC group.

  • b p < 0.05 compared with SC group.

  • c p < 0.05 compared with C1 group. IVC: intravenous cyclophosphamide; MMF: mycophenolate mofetil; CNI: calcineurin inhibitor; AZA: azathioprine; SCr: serum creatinine; ESRD: endstage renal disease; NC: noncrescent group; SC: segmental crescent group.