Table 1.

Distribution of occupational groups among 30- to 60-year-old men and women stratified by sex and occupational group.

Occupational GroupsMen, n = 574,617Women, n = 561,037Percentage of Women
Upper-level nonmanual
  Teaching professionals4.045.28.344.066.9
Lower-level nonmanual
  Physical and engineering science technicians8.344.41.943.418.4
  Environmental officers and nurses1.043.47.644.088.6
  Finance and sales associate professionals, and administrative secretaries8.744.612.645.158.6
  Office clerks3.244.710.646.076.6
  Customer service clerks0.341.73.246.791.8
  Service workers3.942.418.745.582.5
  Shop workers2.342.85.043.867.6
Manual occupations
  Agricultural and fishery workers6.
  Construction workers, electricians, and plumbers8.344.70.445.94.2
  Metal and machinery workers10.845.
  Craft workers2.
  Chemical, wood, and metal processing workers3.344.60.845.618.3
  Machine operators and assemblers4.643.43.245.640.6
  Professional drivers8.045.10.545.95.5
  Building caretakers, cleaners, assistant nurses, and kitchen workers2.945.27.847.572.8
  Unskilled transport, construction, and manufacturing workers3.