Table 4.

Gastrointestinal (GI) manifestations and diagnostic findings in 14 patients with GI disease associated with GPA or MPA.

Patient No.GI SymptomRadiograph/CT/MR/US FindingsEndoscopyBiopsy (endoscopy/surgery)
1Rectal bleedingAbd. radiograph with oral and rectal contrast: OKG: OK, C: not done
2Abd. painAbd. radiograph: free gas; US post-op 1: inconclusive; CT post-op 1: ascites; colonic radiograph post-op 1: sigmoid. leakage; US post-op 2: drainage abscessColon surgery 2: sigmoiditis with rupture. Autopsy: inconclusive
3Abd. pain, rectal bleeding, vomitingAbd. radiograph without contrast: free gasR: blood, normal mucosa
4Abd. painAbd. radiograph without contrast: free gasGranulomatous vasculitis
5Abd. pain, rectal bleedingAbd. radiograph with oral contrast: irregular and swollen bowel wall; CT: ascites; US: swollen bowel walls
6Abd. pain + intraabd. bleedingArterial angiography: microaneurysms (vasculitis) in inferior mesenteric artery; CT: abdominal hematoma
7Abd. pain, vomitingCT: free gas, swollen bowel wallsPerforated ulcers, submucosal inflam., no vasculitis or granuloma
8Rectal bleedingArterial abdominal angiography: OKG: OK; C: polypectomy but bleeding did not stopVasculitis in colon
9Abd. painCT: free gasColon: no vasculitis/granuloma
10Abd. pain, vomitingAbd. radiograph without contrast: subileus; CT: wall thickening + dilatation of prox. small bowel, mesenteric edema
11Abd. painCT: wall thickening + 2 abscesses around sigmoid colon; US: abscesses, US drainageC: sigmoid diverticulosis + swollen intestinal wall
12Dysphagia, diarrhea, edema, rectal bleedingCT: mesenteric and subcutaneous edema, later ascitesG: inflammation in pylorus + bulb, no ulcers; C: OK
13Abd. pain, vomiting, rectal bleedingCT: wall thickening + dilatation of small bowel; MR: thickening of ileum wallG: esophageal unspecified red areas; C: OK; capsula endoscopy: swollen jejunal mucosa, focal inflam. duodenal bulbEsophagitis + vasculitis
14Abd. pain, rectal bleeding, vomitingCT: OKG: duodenal mucosa contact bleeding, edema, fibrin (heavy inflam.); C: OKGangrenous ulceration, vasculitis
  • G: gastro; C: colon; R: rectum; CT: computed tomography; US: ultrasound; MR: magnetic resonance; Abd.: abdominal; GPA: granulomatosis with polyangiitis; MPA: microscopic polyangiitis.