Table 2.

The estimated PASS cutoff values at 3 months’ followup for different PROM assessing physical function.

PROMPASS Value at 3 Months (95% CI)
Range 0–2819.5 (18.0–20.7)
Range 0–10052.8 (48.5–56.8)
Range 0–8037.0 (35.2–40.0)
Range 0–10053.8 (50.0–56.1)
Range 0–2411.5 (10.5–13.0)
Range 0–10047.9 (43.8–54.2)
Range 0–6834.0 (31.0–38.0)
Range 0–10050.0 (45.6–55.9)
NRS function
Range 0–106.0 (5.0–6.0)
Range 0–10060.0 (50.0–60.0)
  • All PROM present scores with higher scores defining a higher level of disability with the exception of the nonstandardized LEFS score range, where higher scores define higher level of functioning. PASS: Patient Acceptable Symptom State; PROM: patient-reported outcome measure; WOMAC-PF: Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index physical function subscale; LAI: Lequesne Algofunctional Index; LEFS: Lower Extremity Functional Scale; KOOS-PS: Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score, short version; NRS: numerical rating scale.