Table 3.

Significant OR of the univariate logistic regression for each PROM for reaching the absolute PASS value.

Dependent variables
  Female0.45 (0.23–0.91)0.47 (0.24–0.93)0.50 (0.26–0.97)
  Age ≥ 65 yrs
  Duration of symptoms > 5 yrs
  Depressive feelings0.38 (0.19–0.77)0.27 (0.14–0.55)0.32 (0.16–0.64)0.36 (0.18–0.72)
  • The OR is given for every independent variable in the logistic regression with 95% CI for each PROM for function. All OR significant at the 0.05 level are shown. PASS: Patient Acceptable Symptom State; PROM: patient-reported outcome measure; NRS: numerical rating scale; WOMAC-PF: Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index physical function subscale; LAI: Lequesne Algofunctional Index; LEFS: Lower Extremity Functional Scale; KOOS-PS: Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score, short version.