Table 2.

Longterm achievement of MDA in patients with PsA treated with anti–TNF-α therapies.

Biologic AgentTrialWeekData AnalysisnDosePatients with MDA, %aReference
Open-label Trials
IFXIMPACT50Observed635 mg/kg IV42Coates LC, et al, 201015
98Observed375 mg/kg IV30
IMPACT 254Observed1575 mg/kg IV40
CZPRAPID-PsA48NRI138200 mg40Mease PJ, et al, 201521
135400 mg38
96NRI138200 mg40
135400 mg42
216NRI138200 mg38Mease PJ, et al, 201622
135400 mg41
216Observed98200 mg53
87400 mg63
GOLGO-REVEAL52Observed96PBO-GOL 50 mg/100 mg30Kavanaugh A, et al, 201618
262GOL 50 mg/100 mg42
104Observed87PBO-GOL 50 mg/100 mg37
250GOL 50 mg/100 mg43
256Observed77PBO-GOL 50 mg/100 mg44
205GOL 50 mg/100 mg52
ADAADEPT48Not reported11640 mg41Mease PJ, et al, 201523
96Not reported10440 mg39
144Not reported8840 mg43
Observational Studies
Anti–TNF-α therapy68Multiple imputed226Not reported64bHaddad A, et al, 201526
Anti–TNF-α therapy (ADA, ETN, or GOL)52Observed75ADA 40 mg, ETN 25/50 mg, GOL 50 mg61Perrotta F, et al, 201627
IFX or GOLBioTRAC52Observed196Not reported45Zummer M, et al, 201528
Standard care, including DMARD and biologic agents52Observed344Not reported60bCoates LC, et al, 201015
ETN, ADA, IFX, or TCZ260Observed197Not reported40Theander E, et al, 201429
  • a Percentage of patients with MDA at stipulated timepoints are shown unless stated otherwise;

  • b MDA achieved on at least 1 visit through stipulated timepoint. ADA: adalimumab; CZP: certolizumab pegol; DMARD: disease-modifying antirheumatic drug; ETN: etanercept; GOL: golimumab; IFX: infliximab; IV: intravenously; MDA: minimal disease activity; NRI: nonresponder imputation; PBO: placebo; PsA: psoriatic arthritis; TNF: tumor necrosis factor; TCZ: tocilizumab.