Table 2.

Reasons physicians do or do not routinely perform quantitative assessment. Values are n (%).

What motivates you to measure RA metrics routinely?n = 255*
  To facilitate/improve clinical care194 (76.1)
  To incorporate into medical decision making160 (62.7)
  Easy, simple, and useful123 (48.2)
  For Medicare PQRS or other quality-reporting programs105 (41.2)
  Participation in a research registry47 (18.4)
  Insurance companies require it47 (18.4)
  Treat-to-target trials (TICORA, BeST) show impressive data70 (27.5)
  Other21 (8.2)
Why don’t you collect RA metrics routinely?n = 184*
  Takes too much of my time115 (62.5)
  Not available on my EHR64 (34.8)
  Don’t need them54 (29.3)
  Too many to choose from32 (17.4)
  Not required by payors32 (17.4)
  Value is unproven31 (16.8)
  Requires laboratory measures (CRP or ESR)26 (14.1)
  Too difficult or complex23 (12.5)
  Language/communication difficulties (elderly, Spanish-speaking, etc.)20 (10.9)
  • * Responses not required nor mutually exclusive; row totals do not sum to 100%. PQRS: physician quality reporting system; TICORA: tight control of rheumatoid arthritis; BeST: Behandel Strategieën; RA: rheumatoid arthritis; EHR: electronic health record; CRP: C-reactive protein; ESR: erythrocyte sedimentation rate.