Table 3.

Short-term and longterm achievement of MDA in patients with PsA treated with secukinumab in the randomized controlled trial, FUTURE 2.*

Biologic AgentWeekAnti-TNF Status of Patient PopulationnDosePatients with MDA, %Reference
Secukinumab16Anti–TNF-naive65300 mg34Coates LC, et al, 201619
63150 mg32
Anti–TNF-IR32300 mg16
37150 mg8
Overall97300 mg28
100150 mg23
52Anti–TNF-naive63300 mg41
59150 mg39
Anti–TNF-IR30300 mg23
29150 mg21
Overall93300 mg35
88150 mg33
  • * In the FUTURE 2 study, 397 patients with active PsA were randomized to subcutaneous secukinumab (300 mg, 150 mg, or 75 mg) or placebo at baseline, weeks 1, 2, and 3, and every 4 weeks from Week 4. Placebo patients were rerandomized to secukinumab 300 mg or 150 mg every 4 weeks from weeks 16 or 24, depending upon clinical response. The overall population includes both patients who are anti–TNF-naive and those who have previously used up to 3 anti-TNF agents but have had an inadequate response or stopped treatment because of safety or tolerability reasons. Data presented are as observed. Data from the 75 mg are not reported because that is not an approved dose of secukinumab. IR: inadequate responders; MDA: minimal disease activity; PBO: placebo; PsA: psoriatic arthritis; TNF: tumor necrosis factor.