Table 2.

Frequency of identified somatic mutation of NLRP3. Each frequency value corresponds to the average of 3 independent experiments.

Patient No.1267
Nucleotide exchangec.779 G>Cc.1690 G>Ac.1688 A>Gc.1298 C>T
Aminoacid substitutionp.R260Pp.G564Sp.Y563Cp.T433I
Frequency of mutated allele (%) in:
  Whole blood (first sample)10.88 (2008)8.14 (2003)2.71 (unknown)5.51 (2011)
  Whole blood (second sample)9.97 (2016)4.60 (2014)2.17 (2016)5.25 (2016)
  B cells9.603.602.076.13
  NK cells9.496.101.338.37
  Saliva (% CD45 cells)11.03 (57.5)4.70 (32.2)1.87 (56.1)1.73 (59.1)
  • Round brackets: year of blood sampling. NA: not analyzed; NK: natural killer.