Table 1.

Result and summary of the survey on work done previously on CF within OMERACT WG.

Definition of CFDetailsWG
OMERACT Handbook definition“…variables that are not outcomes of studies, but need to be recognized (and measured) to understand the study results. This includes potential confounders and effect modifiers…”9AS, HOA, RA-F, SDM, VA
ICF definitionEnvironmental factors make up the physical, social, and attitudinal environment in which people live and conduct their lives. Personal factors are the particular background of an individual’s life and living, and consist of features of the individual that are not part of a health condition or health states16.AS, RA-F, VA, WP
No formal definition or group-specific definitionEG, HL, WP
Identification of CFWGClassification of CFWG
ICF core set developmentAS, HOA, VAICF-based groupingAS, HL, VA, WP
Patient research partners/patientsEG, HOA, HL, RA-F, VA, WPExpert-based groupingHL, RA-F, SDM, WP
Expert opinionHOA, HL, RA-F, WPOMERACT SIG-based groupingWP
OMERACT SIG participantsHOA, HL, RA-F, SDMMandatory/nonmandatory to assessHOA
Literature reviewHL, RA-F, SDM, WP
Measurement of CFWGStatistical analysis of CFWG
CF instrument, specifically developed in WGAS, EG, RA-F, VACF treated as confounders in regression analysisHOA
Standard variables, e.g., age, sexHOA, HLStratification for subgroup analysisHOA
No measureSDM, WPIRT approach used to test interactionHL
  • CF: contextual factors; OMERACT: Outcome Measures in Rheumatology; WG: working groups; ICF: International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health; SIG: Special Interest Group; AS: ankylosing spondylitis; HOA: hand osteoarthritis; RA-F: rheumatoid arthritis flare; SDM: shared decision-making; VA: vasculitis; WP: worker productivity; EG: equity group; HL: health literacy; IRT: Item Response Theory.