Table 2.

Themes and domains/subdomains retrieved from the qualitative interviews.

SymptomsEffect on Function and ActivitiesPsychological EffectSocial Effect
Difficulty sleepingDifficulty in concentratingAngerFeeling inadequate
FatigueDifficulty in eating and drinkingAnxietyFeeling judged or pitied by others
Genital ulcersDifficulty in taking care of childrenDepressionFeeling restricted
HeadacheDifficulty in talkingFearFeeling that others underestimate the severity of their symptoms
LethargyDifficulty in walkingLack of self-confidenceNeed for support
Oral ulcersDifficulty with household tasksStressProblems in relationship with partner
PainEffect on familyReduced strengthReduced social activities and participation
SwellingEffect on personal independenceSuicidal ideation
Visual impairmentImpaired vision, inability to work, reduced quality of life