Table 1A.

Reported frequency of dactylitis, enthesitis, anterior uveitis, and B27 positivity in patients with IBD-SpA in 7 studies. The reported association with psoriasis is also indicated. Data are n (%) unless otherwise indicated.

Conditions MeasuredOrchard19, 1998 De Vlam11, 2000Salvarani12, 2001*Palm13, 2002Generini18, 2004 Turkcapar8, 2006Pérez Alamino10, 2011
Overall IBD-SpA, n107405388249045
  DactylitisNA1 (2.5)3 (5.6)6 (6.8)NA0 (0)7 (15.5)
  EnthesitisNA7 (17.5)16 (30.1)11 (12.5)16 (66.6)81 (90)7 (15.5)
  Uveitis20 (18.6)NANA7 (7.9)NA23(25.5)NA
  B27NA7 (17.5)5 (3.6)20 (22.7)NA47 (52.2)NA
  PsoriasisNA4 (10)NA4 (4.5)NANANA
UC-SpA, n5913 (32.5)NA54043NA
  Dactylitis, nNA0NANANA0 (0)NA
  EnthesitisNA2 (15.4)NANANA39 (90.7)NA
  Uveitis10 (16.9)NANANANA8 (18.6)NA
CD-SpA, n4827 (67.5)NA342447NA
  DactylitisNA1 (3.7)NANANA0 (0)NA
  EnthesitisNA5 (18.5)NANA16 (66.6)42 (89.4)NA
  Uveitis10 (20.8)NANANANA15 (31.9)NA
Followup, mos120NANA601820.63 ± 34.3NA
  • * IBD group included 3 patients with indeterminate colitis.

  • Data are related to patients with peripheral IBD-SpA.

  • Enthesitis was assessed both clinically and by ultrasound examination. IBD: inflammatory bowel disease; SpA: spondyloarthritis; UC: ulcerative colitis; CD: Crohn disease; NA: not available.