Table 1B.

Reported frequency of dactylitis, enthesitis, anterior uveitis, and B27 positivity in patients with IBD-SpA in 7 more studies. The reported association with psoriasis is also indicated. Data are n (%) unless otherwise indicated.

Conditions MeasuredShivashankar20,21, 2012, 2013Al-Jarallah9, 2013Zippi14, 2014Kamo15, 2015**Isene16, 2015Subramaniam17, 2015**Peluso22, 2016
Overall IBD-SpA, n7245240469914078
  DactylitisNA2 (4.4)NA7 (15.2)NA6 (4.3)12 (15.4)
  Enthesitis49 (68)7 (15.5)NA15 (32.6)NA24 (17.1)NA
  Uveitis24 (33.3)NA26 (10.8)1 (2.1)10 (10.1)8 (5.7)NA
  Psoriasis23 (31.9)NANANANA8 (5.7)NA
UC-SpA, n4027169NA514434
  Dactylitis, nNA2 (7.4)NANANA3 (6.8)2 (5.9)
  Enthesitis29 (72.5)6 (22.2)NANANA6 (13.6)NA
  Uveitis12 (30)NA10 (5.9)NA5 (9.8)1 (2.3)NA
CD-SpA, n321871NA489644
  DactylitisNA0 (0)NANANA3 (3.1)10 (22.7)
  Enthesitis24 (72)1 (5.5)NANANA18 (18.8)NA
  Uveitis12 (37.5)NA16 (22.5)NA5 (10.4)7 (7.3)NA
Followup, mos48065 ± 58NANA120NANA
  • ** Questionnaire-based survey. IBD: inflammatory bowel disease; SpA: spondyloarthritis; UC: ulcerative colitis; CD: Crohn disease; NA: not available.