Table 6.

Pharmacogenetic determinants of MTX discontinuation because of AE. Percentage of patients carrying at least 1 polymorphic allele is shown. Because of the small number of patients (n = 7), statistical analyses were unreliable. Results of all performed analyses are shown in Supplementary Table 4 (available with the online version of this article).

SNP, AllelePatients Who Did Not Discontinue MTX Because of AE, n = 110Patients Who Discontinued MTX Because of AE, n = 7
Folate pathway
  RFC1 rs1051266, C7243
  MTHFR rs1801133, T6129
  MTHFR rs1801131, C53100
  MTR rs1805087, G320
  MTRR rs1801394, G86100
  MTHFD1 rs2236225, A6871
  TYMS rs34743033, 3R7757
Adenosine pathway
  ATIC rs2372536, G5971
  AMPD1 rs17602729, A2514
MTX transporters
  ABCG2 rs2231142, T2314
  ABCG2 rs2231137, T710
  ABCC2 rs717620, T4129
  ABCC2 rs2804402, G8286
  ABCC2 rs2273697, A410
  ABCB1 rs1045642, G7271
  SLCO1B1 rs11045879, C3757
  • Significant data are in bold face. MTX: methotrexate; AE: adverse events; SNP: single-nucleotide polymorphism.