Table 2.

Comparison between patients reporting current flare (n = 117) and patients reporting no current flare (n = 117). OR expressed for each 2-point increase for BASDAI, BASFI, and ASQoL, and for 5-year increase for time since AS onset.

CharacteristicsUnivariate Analysis, pMultivariate Analysis
pOR (95% CI)
Male0.090.170.58 (0.26–1.25)
Education, high school or less< 0.010.591.23 (0.58–2.64)
Time since AS onset, decrease of 5 yrs0.050.041.19 (1.15–1.22)
Anti-TNF, no intake of anti-TNF< (1.47–50.00)
BASDAI, increase of 2 points< (1.53–2.65)
BASFI, increase of 2 points< 0.010.960.99 (0.78–1.25)
ASQoL, increase of 2 points< 0.010.0041.37 (1.23–1.52)
  • Student t test or chi-square test as appropriate.

  • Logistic regression. P value < 0.05 are in bold face. BASDAI: Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index; BASFI: Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Functional Index; ASQoL: AS Quality of Life; AS: ankylosing spondylitis; anti-TNF: antitumor necrosis factor.