Table 2.

Outcomes identified as important by patients with rheumatoid arthritis in a series of focus groups7.

Have less pain from the arthritis
Have less stiffness in my joints
Have less swelling in my joints
Keep mobile (get around)
Do everyday tasks at home/work
Stay independent
Be happy with my body image
Be less anxious
Not feel frustrated by arthritis
Not feel helpless about my arthritis
Not feel low or depressed
Have a feeling of general ‘well-being’
Not feel tired or fatigued
Not feel lacking in energy
Return to/maintain a normal lifestyle
Feel able to join in social events
Feel well in myself
Not have such unpredictable disease
Not have side effect from my drugs
Not have to take medication
Be able to fulfill my usual role at home
Enjoy my life
Be able to fulfill my usual role at work