Table 2.

Sensibility assessment. Values are mean ± SD.

Sensibility Assessment QuestionsRating
How easy were the questions to understand? (7 = Excellent)6.12 ± 0.92
Is the way in which the questions are presented confusing to you? (7 = Not at all)6.55 ± 0.88
How would you rate the amount of time taken to complete this part of the questionnaire? (7 = Perfect)5.94 ± 0.81
In your opinion, how likely is the questionnaire to detect the presence of autoimmune diseases? (7 = Very likely)5.35 ± 1.10
Do you think that this part of the questionnaire would be acceptable to the general population and family members of patients with systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases? (7 = Excellent)5.85 ± 1.05
Do you think that others will be uncomfortable with the questionnaire? In other words, will they think that the information gathered is too probing or too personal for them? (1 = Very unlikely)3.10 ± 2.03
Now that you have finished this part of the questionnaire, would you agree to complete this again? (7 = Very likely)6.15 ± 1.01