Table 1.

Demographic and clinical characteristics of the 29 patients. Data are n (%) unless otherwise indicated.

Age at diagnosis of SLE, yrs, median (range)30 (16–57)
Sex ratio, M/F1/8.6
  White16 (55.2)
  Black8 (27.6)
  Asian5 (17.2)
Inaugural LM17/29 (58.6)
SLEDAI (LM) median (range)8 (4–21)
SLE before LM12/29
Median followup SLE-LM, mos (range)120 (2–276)
Treatments when myocarditis occurred (among the 12 patients with previously diagnosed SLE*)
  Mycophenolate mofetil1/11
  No treatment5/11
Symptomsn** (%)
  Dyspnea20/27 (74)
  Fever17/27 (63)
  Chest pain11/27 (41)
  Orthopnea10/27 (37)
  Palpitations4/27 (15)
  Lung rales15/27 (55)
  Lower limb edema6/27 (22)
  New cardiac murmur5/27 (18)
  Jugular venous distention3/27 (11)
  Hepatomegaly3/27 (11)
  Liver pain2/27 (7)
  • * Missing data, n = 1.

  • ** Missing data, n = 2.

  • Right upper abdominal pain referring to right cardiac failure. LM: lupus myocarditis; APS: antiphospholipid syndrome; SLE: systemic lupus erythematosus; SLE-LM: median time between diagnosis of SLE and diagnosis of LM; SLEDAI: SLE Disease Activity Index.