Table 3.

Frequency, site, and type of malignancies in our PsA cohort taking biological therapy.

No. Patients Taking Various Anti-TNF AgentsNo. Patients Showing Malignancies (%)Site and Type of Malignancies (no. patients)
126; ETN6 (2)Lung carcinoma (2); ovarian teratoma (1); breast cancer (1); bladder carcinoma (1); squamous cell skin carcinoma (1)
116; ADA4 (1.3)Basal cell carcinomas (2); squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue (1); breast cancer (1)
35; IFX4 (1.3)Renal carcinoma (1); papillar carcinoma of the thyroid (1); meningioma (1); Kaposi sarcoma (1)
19; GOL
  • PsA: psoriatic arthritis; TNF: tumor necrosis factor; ADA: adalimumab; ETN: etanercept; GOL: golimumab; IFX: infliximab.