Table 3.

Relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and prevalence of femoral head cartilage defects and bone marrow lesions. Values are OR (95% CI) unless otherwise specified.

VariablesUnivariate AnalysispMultivariate Analysis*p
Cartilage defects
  Fruit0.68 (0.51–0.92)0.010.75 (0.54–1.03)0.08
  Vegetables0.59 (0.43–0.81)0.0010.65 (0.46–0.91)0.01
Bone marrow lesions
  Fruit0.97 (0.65–1.45)0.891.02 (0.66–1.58)0.94
  Vegetables0.63 (0.41–0.97)0.040.60 (0.37–0.97)0.04
  • * OR of femoral head cartilage defects or bone marrow lesions being present per serving/day increase in fruit and vegetable intake adjusted for energy intake, age, sex, body mass index, and vigorous physical activity.