Table 5.

Multivariable linear regression model with the CPDAI, DAPSA, and DAS28 scores as the dependent variable.

Independent VariablesCPDAI–Partial Regression CoefficientpDAPSA– Partial Regression CoefficientpDAS28–Partial Regression Coefficientp
Disease duration−0.030.74−0.260.23−0.220.1
FM presence0.54< 0.0010.320.0060.270.015
CRP, mg/dl0.060.510.340.0070.61< 0.001
SJC0.55< 0.0010.340.0050.180.03
  • FM: fibromyalgia; SJC: swollen joint count; CPDAI: Composite Psoriatic Disease Activity Index; DAPSA: Disease Activity Index for Psoriatic Arthritis; DAS28: 28-joint Disease Activity Score; CRP: C-reactive protein; PASI: Psoriasis Activity and Severity Index.