Table 2.

Proportion of patients vaccinated against influenza, pneumococcus, and herpes zoster before and after the 12-month intervention period. Values are n (%).

Influenza, n = 102,101*
  Ever received IVX92 (90.2)87 (86.1)
  Received IVX in previous season81 (79.4)79 (78.2)
Pneumococcal, n = 1255
  Ever received any type of vaccine360 (28.7)575 (45.8)
    PPSV23 only351 (28.0)293 (23.3)
    PCV13 only5 (0.4)151 (12.0)
    PPSV23 and PCV134 (0.3)131 (10.4)
  No vaccine received, medical reason09 (0.7)
  No vaccine received, patient reason2 (0.2)51 (4.1)
Herpes zoster, n = 1255
  Ever received vaccine32 (2.5)57 (4.5)
  Prescription to receive elsewhere, no record of receipt028 (2.2)
  No vaccine received, medical reason0102 (8.1)
  No vaccine received, patient reason046 (3.7)
  • * Rates of IVX are based on self-report from a random sample of 102 patients who were interviewed for the study prior to implementation of the intervention and 101 who were interviewed after implementation of the intervention.

  • Rates of pneumococcal and herpes zoster vaccination are based on electronic health record data for all eligible patients. IVX: influenza vaccine; PPSV23: 23-strain pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine; PCV13: 13-strain pneumococcal conjugated vaccine.