Table 1.

Characteristics of studies included in the metaanalysis.

StudyYrLEF, nComparator, nStudy Duration, WeeksAge, Yrs*Female, %Disease Duration, Yrs*LEF-naive, %Comparator Drug
Chen, et al20201388689852NANANANAPAE + CCPI
Jaimes-Hernandez, et al2120124342524387298MTX
Ishaq, et al22201191895258714NAMTX
Kremer, et al23200213013324567811100PBO
Cohen, et al24200119031810454737NAMTX/PBO
Emery, et al25200050149810458714NAMTX
Smolen, et al2619991332252459737100SSZ/PBO
Mladenovic, et al2719953001022451838100PBO
  • * Age and duration of disease expressed as mean as reported by individual studies. LEF: leflunomide; NA: not available; PAE: paeoniflorin; CCPI: cervus and cucumis polypeptide injection; MTX: methotrexate; SSZ: sulfasalazine; PBO: placebo.