Table 1.

Baseline characteristics and disease activity of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Values are % or mean (SD) unless otherwise specified.

CharacteristicsAll Patients
No. DMARD prescriptions4992
Age, yrs55.3 (13.9)
Disease duration, yrs7.9 (9.6)
Erosive disease53.9
Higher level education, college/university32.8
Currently employed31.0
Current smoker27.8
Daily coffee consumption > 4 cups24.9
Previous DMARD use67.5
Current DMARD main group
  Other DMARD11.4
Current prednisolone use81.0
Pain, 0–10048.3 (24.3)
Fatigue, 0–10048.2 (28.5)
PtGA, 0–10051.4 (24.1)
PGA, 0–10039.8 (18.8)
mHAQ score, 0–30.71 (0.52)
SJC287.0 (5.6)
TJC288.0 (6.8)
CRP, mg/l22.1 (27.6)
ESR, mm/h28.8 (22.4)
DAS284.9 (1.4)
SDAI26.4 (14.0)
CDAI24.1 (13.1)
RAPID34.1 (2.0)
  • DMARD: disease-modifying antirheumatic drug; RF: rheumatoid factor; bDMARD: biological DMARD; PtGA: patient’s global assessment; PGA: physician’s global assessment; mHAQ: modified Health Assessment Questionnaire; SJC28: swollen joint count at 28 joints; TJC28: tender joint count at 28 joints; CRP: C-reactive protein; ESR: erythrocyte sedimentation rate; DAS28: Disease Activity Score at 28 joints; SDAI: Simplified Disease Activity Index; CDAI: Clinical Disease Activity Index; RAPID3: Routine Assessment of Patient Index Data.