Table 1.

Correlation, sensitivity, and area under curve analyses of the novel ReXSPA score compared with existing methods. Sensitivity is defined as the ability to predict progression in a patient, defined as any recorded change in the given scoring system.

ScoreSpearman Correlation CoefficientSensitivity
Any change, full dataset0.77
SvdH erosion0.750.96
mSS erosion0.730.96
Ratingen destruction0.620.95
SvdH JSN0.690.79
mSS JSN0.690.84
Ratingen proliferation0.540.86
  • ReXSPA: Reductive X-ray Score for Psoriatic Arthritis; SvdH: Sharp/van der Heijde method; mSS: modified Sharp score; JSN: joint space narrowing.