Table 2.

Multiple linear regression analysis. Standardized β coefficient, partial R2 and regression p are shown for those variables that met an inclusion criterion of p < 0.15 from a fully saturated model of variables selected from external clinical judgment, for an association with erosion score.

Clinical FeaturesModel Constructed from External Clinical JudgmentReduced Model (F = 17.8, R2 = 0.58, p < 0.0001)
Standardized β CoefficientpStandardized β CoefficientpPartial R2
Māori or Pacific ethnicity0.1690.0480.1710.0165%
Gout disease duration0.0880.259
Total no. tophi0.459< 0.00010.460< 0.000139%
Serum urate0.0570.469
Serum creatinine0.1820.0380.2220.0045%
RANKL concentration0.1840.0410.2090.0093%
OPG concentration0.1420.1190.1580.0362%
Sclerostin concentration−0.1680.028−0.1720.0193%
DKK-1 concentration−0.0600.480
FGF-23 concentration0.0120.892
P1NP concentration0.1220.197
β-CTX concentration−0.2220.033−0.125880.103
  • RANKL: receptor activator of nuclear factor-κB ligand; OPG: osteoprotegerin; DKK: Dickkopf 1; FGF-23: fibroblast growth factor 23; P1NP: procollagen type-1 N-terminal propeptide; CTX: collagen cross-linked C-telopeptide, type I.