Table 2B.

Test-retest reliability of candidate measures of at-work limitations/productivity (presenteeism) from the second of our 2 test-retest reliability studies: international cognitive debriefing study. Adapted from Tang, et al. J Rheumatol 2014;41:165–763.

Study 2: International Cognitive Debriefing
InstrumentContent SourcenMean Baseline Score (SD)Mean 2-wk Followup Score (SD)ICC2,1
Global measures
  WPS (item 4)Item 4 from the Arthritis-specific Work Productivity Survey (WPS)653.5 (2.6)3.5 (2.3)0.78
  WPAI (item 5)Item 5 from the Work Productivity and Activity Impairment Questionnaire (WPAI; specific health problem version)653.4 (2.6)3.5 (2.8)0.74
  QQ methodMultiplication of 2 items (E1 and E2) from the Productivity and Disease Questionnaire64 baseline; 63 followup67.8 (27.4)65.0 (27.2)0.74
  WAI (item 1)Item 1 from the Work Ability Index (WAI)657.1 (2.1)7.2 (2.1)0.75
  • QQ: Quantity and Quality Method; ICC2,1: intraclass correlation coefficient, type 2,1.