Table 5.

Plenary voting results at OMERACT 12*.

Voting Questions for Candidate MeasuresYes, % (n)No, % (n)
In your opinion is there now sufficient evidence of truth, discrimination, and feasibility for the:
  1. WLQ-25 PDmod Work Limitation Questionnaire? (multiitem scale that is productivity-oriented)91 (71)9 (7)
  2. WALS (Workplace Activity Limitations Scale)? (multiitem scale of difficulty/ability)86 (78)14 (13)
  3. WAI (Work Ability Index)? (single item about ability)74 (52)26 (18)
  4. QQ (Quality and Quantity)? (2 global items Qual*Quan > Productivity)32 (23)68 (50)
Question for contextual factors
  5. Do you agree that these contextual factors should be prioritized on a research agenda to explore if they are core contextual factors for worker productivity: (1) Nature of work; (2) Work accommodation; (3) Workplace support?95 (95)5 (5)
  • * “Don’t know” votes were not required to be included in the calculations. WLQ-25 PDmod: Work Limitations Questionnaire with modified physical demands scale; QQ: Quantity and Quality Method.