Table 1.

Clinical variables.

VariablesPatient 1Patient 2Patient 3Patient 4Patient 5*Patient 6Patient 7Patient 8Patient 9Patient 10Patient 11Patient 12
Age, yrs433837274949434542516342
Weight, kg82921278891879181687082.5
PsA duration, yrs12101620251310362
Current DMARD and doseMTX 20 mg weeklyMTX 25 mg weeklyMTX 20 mg weeklyMTX 20 mg weeklySSZ 2 g/dailyMTX 25 mg weeklyHCQ 100 mg dailyNILNILNILLEF 20 mg daily, MTX 15 mg weeklyMTX 10 mg weekly, SSZ 2 mg daily
Current PRED0005 mg daily7.5 mg daily010 mg daily00000
TJC baseline/Week 12, 68 joints3/06/24/05/0114/227/113/81/04/04/014/17
SJC baseline/Week 12, 66 joints9/310/49/54/3108/813/78/522/1110/110/85/9
DAS28-ESR baseline/Week 123.30/1.553.79/2.514.04/1.132.89/0.514.75/2.094.63/2.14.69/3.942.99/0.684.454.36/1.753.31/3.66
DAS28-CRP baseline/Week 122.53/1.963.90/2.232.82/0.642.40/0.514.52/2.093.87/1.523.81/3.172.32/0.933.513.24/0.533.81/NIL
Dactylitis scores/baseline021413015273529010740
  • * One subject withdrew from the study after consent and baseline clinical data collection (patient 5).

  • PsA: psoriatic arthritis; DMARD: disease-modifying antirheumatic drug; bDMARD: biologic DMARD; PRED: prednisolone; TJC: tender joint count; SJC: swollen joint count; DAS28: 28-joint Disease Activity Score; ESR: erythrocyte sedimentation rate; CRP: C-reactive protein; MTX: methotrexate; SSZ: sulfasalazine; HCQ: hydroxychloroquine; NIL: none; LEF: leflunomide; ETN: etanercept; ADA: adalimumab; IFX: infliximab.