Table 1.

Clinical data of the examined patients.

Patient No.Age, YrsDisease Onset, YrsRheumatology Care, MosClinically Involved Joint RegionsMaximum Known Urate Level, mg/dlCurrent Urate Level, mg/dlCurrent Treatment, mg/d
1671111T, A, K, D, W, E10.65.9F 120, Co 1
27452T, K, D5.8*5.8A 300, Co 1
365191T, A, K, D, W, E8.24.9F 80, Co 0.5
4702118T, A, K, D, W, E6.6*4.8A 300
572731T, A, K, E12.43.8F 120, Co 1
6692011T, A, K9.05.4A 400, Co 0.5
768282T, A, K, D, W, E8.15.5F 120, Ca**
84863T, A, K, D, W, E6.4*3.5F 120, P 1000, PRED 15
  • * Uric acid levels only available at time of gout attack and/or with uric acid–lowering therapy.

  • ** The patient has received a subcutaneous injection of 150 mg of Ca 6 weeks before. T: toes; A: ankles; K: knees; D: digits; W: wrists; E: elbows; A: allopurinol; Ca: canakinumab; Co: colchicine; F: febuxostat; P: probenicid; PRED: prednisolone.