Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of the 20 patients with hand OA included in the exercise.

Baseline Characteristics
Women, n (%)19 (95)
Age, mean (SD), yrs65.8 (4.5)
Body mass index, mean (SD), kg/m2*26.5 (3.9)
ACR criteria for hand OA, n (%)20 (100)
KL sum (DIP/PIP dominant hand), mean (SD) [range 0–32]17.3 (5.0)
No. swollen joints (DIP/PIP dominant hand), mean (SD) [range 0–8]4.0 (1.9)
AUSCAN pain, mean (SD) [0–20]8.9 (3.1)
AUSCAN physical, mean (SD) [0–36]18.1 (6.6)
Grip strength dominant hand, mean (SD) kg20.1 (6.9)
  • * Body mass index data on 19 patients (one missing). ACR: American College of Rheumatology; KL: Kellgren-Lawrence; DIP: distal interphalangeal; PIP: proximal interphalangeal; AUSCAN: Australian/Canadian hand index; OA: osteoarthritis.