Table 2.

Domains of impact of disease assessed by the PsAID questionnaire for patients with PsA.

DomainShort Defining Statement
PainPain in joints and spine and skin
Skin problemsSkin problems, including itching
FatigueBeing physically tired, but also mental fatigue, lack of energy
Ability to work/leisureAbility to work and/or to do leisure activities
Functional capacityCapacity to perform daily physical activities, loss of independence
Feeling of discomfortDiscomfort and annoyance with everyday tasks
Sleep disturbanceSleep quality, sleep interruptions
Anxiety, fear, and uncertaintyFor example, about the future, treatments, fear of loneliness
CopingAdjustment to the disease, managing, being in charge, making do with the disease
Embarrassment and/or shame due to appearance*Feeling embarrassed/ashamed due to appearance
Social participation*Participating fully in social activities
Depression*Feeling sad or depressed
  • * Not included in the PsAID questionnaire for clinical trials. PsAID: Psoriatic Arthritis Impact of Disease.